Meat & Wool to be Sheep & Beef

The loss of the wool levy has forced a name change on Meat & Wool NZ.

It’s going to be Beef and Lamb New Zealand Limited.

Meat & Wool New Zealand Chairman, Mike Petersen said that while the need for a name change was a consequence of the referendum, it also allows for fresh impetus as the organisation moves into a new era with a meat only focus.

“We have spent a considerable amount of time looking at various options for a new name including commissioning someone in the branding world to come up with some suggestions.”

“However we have come to the conclusion that there is considerable merit in sharing the name Beef and Lamb New Zealand with our partner in the domestic promotion work Beef + Lamb New Zealand Incorporated.”

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc is an incorporated society that has responsibility for promoting beef and lamb in the domestic market, with Meat & Wool New Zealand as its principal funder. New Zealand meat retailers and processors also contribute to the domestic marketing of red meat.

The organisation had to change its name after losing the wool levy. It could have become just Meat NZ but there will be benefits with linking to the name of Beef + Lamb NZ which is already established in the domestic market.

I suspect at least some of the many sheep and beef farmers who didn’t get round to voting in the wool levy referendum are regretting their apathy now the consequences of losing that funding are becoming apparent.

Alan Barber reckons Meat and Wool suffers from an excess of democracy.

The results of the wool levy vote and more recent board elections showed farmer frustration at the state of the meat industry but the results in themselves won’t make anything better.

However, I hope that farmers learn from the loss of the wool levy, get behind the new entity and realise that it’s not the vehicle for restructuring the meat industry.

3 Responses to Meat & Wool to be Sheep & Beef

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Could have been worse. Sheep and Goats NZ.


  2. gravedodger says:

    That is a very deep cut Adolf, could need sutures


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