Timid timing

If there’s a worse time than 9am on Sunday for a television programme on politics it’s probably 11am on Saturday and 8am on Sunday.

But those who think they know what and when people want and don’t want to watch, have scheduled TV1s Q&A at 9 on Sunday mornings and TV3’s The Nation and 11 on Saturday with a repeat at 8 on Sunday.

Do they schedule the programmes at these times because not enough people watch them, or do not enough people watch them because of when they’re scheduled?

If it’s the latter and the TV channels weren’t so timid about there timing they might find that scheduling these programmes when more people can watch them might mean more people would watch them.

But which one would take that chance of scheduling what might be intelligent debate at a more watchable hour when ratings rule and people have the choice of switching channels if they don’t like what’s on?

5 Responses to Timid timing

  1. Neil says:

    I agree HP that the viewing times are shocking. Current Affairs journalism is near bankrupt in NZ.
    I’m showing my age but I yearn for the days of Brian Edwards,David Excel,David Beatson and Simon Walker. The days when Muldoon had his gladiatorial battles with those guys.
    Today we have Holmes breathlessly rushing us through the programme with scarcely any thought about the matters under dicussion.
    There should be at least one investigative political programme a week at evening prime time which really steams up the nation. Today we as viewers have no idea of controversy and idea how to handle differing views.
    Watching Fox News is such a contrast to our amoeba like television coverage.
    It relects NZ’s abyssmal knowledge of politics both here and abroad. Perhaps it’s the establishments way of keeping our views under cover.


  2. Lou Taylor says:

    The art of keeping the masses well entertained and ignorant.


  3. Stef says:

    You still watch programmed TV? That has stopped in our house since we got my sky.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Stef – we’ve been a bit behind, only recently learned of the advantages of My Sky and have yet to get it.


  5. scrubone says:

    Q&A is repeated later on TVNZ7, forget which channel that is on Sky.


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