How dry is it?

We were on a farm tour which started in Rotorua and went via the King Country then through the King Country to Port Waikato last week.

It was green around Te Kuiti but everywhere else is desperate for rain.

Back in North Otago we’ve yet to have 24 mls (an inch in old money) this year.

How dry is it?

So dry they’ve had to close a couple of lanes in the school swimming pool.

3 Responses to How dry is it?

  1. gravedodger says:

    Our first year farming we endured on 13 inches the next year was much better at 16 inches (330 mm and 400mm in newspeak), the next 3years were close to the 30 year average in the district of 23 inches ( 770/800mm) but after 5 years we had paid off most of the debt we had taken on at purchase. Mind you when I remember how tight the budgets we operated under I still cant quite comprehend what we lived on.
    I remember a 20 acre paddock where we planted 3 bushels of Hilgendorf wheat per acre and harvested 10 bushels/acre. Not very profitable but it had a baking score of 43 when a lot of crops came in at around 20/25.
    We had many conservation measures; showering together being one I remember with great fondness but I don’t remember the school having to close some of the lanes of the pool. lol


  2. pdm says:

    gd thta showering together would have to have been at night wouldn’t it? Because if it was in the morning it could have been midday before you got out of the house. lol.


  3. gravedodger says:

    pdm it was a water conservation measure so 4/5 hour showers may have dissolved the benefits,duh. Now we are as wrinkly as we would have been if there was any truth in your implication.


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