Celebrating neither Earth nor Edison Hours

Worshippers of the green gods will be turning off their lights for Earth Hour tonight while others will be powering up to celebrate Edison Hour.

I’ll be doing neither – using no more and no less electricity than I normally do.

The greenwash of Earth Hour doesn’t wash with me but deliberately wasting resources as Edison Hour will makes neither environmental nor economic sense.

I know what it’s like to live without power, albeit only part time. I spent 10 months on Great Mercury Island the diesel generator which provided our electricity ran for only eight hours a day.

I much prefer having power 24 hours a day but I’m not going to waste it.

4 Responses to Celebrating neither Earth nor Edison Hours

  1. gravedodger says:

    My head is as sensible and practical as your position HP but my emotion is with the rebels if that is what supporting the edison hour is all about. It seems a lot of what my elders always referred to as hui as your post the other day about the WGN hotel referred to. That was a great comment from motella who put it into a perspective that could be understood if not embraced.
    I will continue with my consumption as the Hurricanes battle the Sharks at the “tin”
    I spent the early years of my life without any form of electricity until I was 11 when the 50’s wool boom allowed for the purchase of a 240 volt generator that gave us light and small appliances till the mains came in 1956 when I had gone to boarding school. An Alladin ‘mantle’ light was in the main living room with kerosene wick lamps and lanterns for non reading light in bedrooms before 1953. Candles were never used for the fire risk I assume.


  2. medusa says:

    Yawn……. wasting resources? for heavens sake this is 2010, it’s taken a bloody long time to reach this point of advancement. Please don’t whine about living with a diesel generator IT WAS YOUR CHOICE. I choose to live where I have every luxury including all power that money can buy. You have really disappointed me.


  3. homepaddock says:

    “Yawn……. wasting resources?”

    I was brought up by southern Presbyterians and “waste not want not” is deeply ingrained.

    “Please don’t whine about living with a diesel generator IT WAS YOUR CHOICE.”

    I wasn’t whining, merely establishing that I knew what it was like to have no power some of the time and that I preferred to have it at the flick of a switch at any time.


  4. Deborah says:

    Just so, HP. I will be neither switching off all the power, nor trying to consume more than usual.


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