Did you see the one about . . .

MSD misrepresenting statistics and misleading the public – Lindsay Mitchell does the numbers on youth homicides.

Trade and fairness – Anti-Dismal on why we’re fair to strangers we won’t see again.

A teaser – the Meurant chronicles – Roar Prawn whets the appetite for more of fishgate. She also finds a mine which makes her think Goff is a hypocrite.

Metrocentrism at Radio NZ – Quote Unquote notices that not everyone notices that sometimes bad weather is good.

Compulsory medical insurance – Kiwiblog finds it’s illegal to not ahve health insurance on one side of the border and illegal to have it on the other.

One perspective on mining conservation land – The Visible Hand in Economics has a picture which sums up the case from the antis.

40 after 55 – goNZo Freakpower passes a milestone and survives a stormy landing in Wellington.

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