Aint No Mountain High Enough


Happy birthday Diana Ross – 66 today.

Hold On Tight


Happy birthday Richard Tandy – 62 today.

Did you see the one about . . .


MSD misrepresenting statistics and misleading the public – Lindsay Mitchell does the numbers on youth homicides.

Trade and fairness – Anti-Dismal on why we’re fair to strangers we won’t see again.

A teaser – the Meurant chronicles – Roar Prawn whets the appetite for more of fishgate. She also finds a mine which makes her think Goff is a hypocrite.

Metrocentrism at Radio NZ – Quote Unquote notices that not everyone notices that sometimes bad weather is good.

Compulsory medical insurance – Kiwiblog finds it’s illegal to not ahve health insurance on one side of the border and illegal to have it on the other.

One perspective on mining conservation land – The Visible Hand in Economics has a picture which sums up the case from the antis.

40 after 55 – goNZo Freakpower passes a milestone and survives a stormy landing in Wellington.

Signs of autumn


There’s an autumnal feel to the mornings and evenings.

The leaves are beginning to change colour.

We’ve put the rams out.

The sun isn’t rising until well after 7am.

Must be time for my bi-annual rant against the length of daylight saving.

It used to finish earlier in March. We’ve now got more than another week of late dawns until the clocks go back on the first Sunday of April.

By next weekend we’ll be having only a couple of minutes more light in the mornings in the lower South Island than we get in the mdidle of winter.

Singh, muter, mumble.

March 26 in history


On March 26:

1026 Pope John XIX crowned Conrad II as Holy Roman Emperor.


1484 William Caxton printed his translation of Aesop’s Fables.


1516 Conrad Gessner, Swiss naturalist, was born.

1552c Guru Amar Das became the Third Sikh Guru.


1636 Utrecht University was founded in the Netherlands.


1808  Charles IV of Spain abdicated in favor of his son, Ferdinand VII.

1812  An earthquake destroyed Caracas, Venezuela.

1830 The Book of Mormon was published in Palmyra, New York.

Book of Mormon 1830 edition reprint.jpg

1839  The first Henley Royal Regatta was held.


1859 Alfred Edward Housman, English poet, was born.


1874 Robert Frost, American poet, was born.

1881 Thessaly was freed and becomes part of Greece again.

1896 Rudolf Dassler, Founder of PUMA AG, was born.

puma logo

1896 The Brunner Mine Disaster killed 65 men.

Brunner mine disaster kills 65

1905 Viktor Frankl, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, was born.

1911 Tennessee Williams, American dramatist, was born.

Tennessee Williams NYWTS.jpg

1913 Balkan War: Bulgarian forces took Adrianople.

1917 First Battle of Gaza – British troops were halted after 17,000 Turks blocked their advance.

1931 Leonard Nimoy, American actor and director, was born.


1934  The driving test was introduced in the United Kingdom.

1942   Auschwitz received its first female prisoners.

1942  Erica Jong, American author, was born.


1943 Bob Woodward, American journalist, was born.


1944 Diana Ross, American singer (Supremes), was born.

1945  World War II: In Iwo Jima, US forces declared Iwo Jima secure.

1948  Richard Tandy, British keyboardist (Electric Light Orchestra), was born.

1948 Steven Tyler, American singer (Aerosmith), was born.

1953  Jonas Salk announced his polio vaccine.

1954 Curtis Sliwa, American founder of the Guardian Angels, was born.

1958  The United States Army launched Explorer 3.

1958  The African Regroupment Party (PRA) is launched at a meeting in Paris.

1967  Ten thousand people gathered for one of many Central Park Be-Ins in New York City.

1968 James Iha, American musician (The Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle), was born.

1971  East Pakistan declares its independence from Pakistan to form People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Liberation War begins.

1973 Lawrence E. Page, American search engine pioneer, was born.


1974  Gaura Devi leads a group of 27 women of Laata village, Henwalghati, Garhwal Himalayas, to form circles around trees to stop them being felled, thus sparking the Chipko Movement in India.

1975  The Biological Weapons Convention entered into force.

1976  Queen Elizabeth II sent out the first royal email, from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.

1979  Anwar al-Sadat, Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter signed the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty in Washington, D.C.

Begin, Carter and Sadat at Camp David 1978.jpg 

1982  A groundbreaking ceremony for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was held in Washington, D.C..

1991  Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay signed the Treaty of Asunción, establishing South Common Market (Mercosur its acronym in Spanish)

1995  The Schengen Treaty went into effect.


1996  The International Monetary Fund approved a $10.2 billion loan for Russia.

1997  Thirty-nine bodies found in the Heaven’s Gate cult suicides.

1998  Oued Bouaicha massacre in Algeria: 52 people killed with axes and knives, 32 of them babies under the age of 2.

1999 The “Melissa worm” infected Microsoft word processing and e-mail systems around the world.

2005 The Taiwanese government called on 1 million Taiwanese to demonstrate in Taipei, in opposition to the Anti-Secession Law of the People’s Republic of China. Around 200,000 to 300,000 attended the walk.

2006 In Scotland, the prohibition of smoking in all substantially enclosed public places went into force.

2000 The military junta ruling Burma officially named Naypyidaw, a new city in Mandalay Division, as the new capital. Yangon had formerly been the nation’s capital.

 Sourced from NZ History Online & Wikipedia

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