What’s wrong with WFF

Finance Minister Bill English illustrated how the current tax system is unfair for many families.

It’s also unfair for many taxpayers.

Take this as an example:

They own a couple of profitable farms, a crib with a boat and all the trimmings and they get Working For Families.

2 Responses to What’s wrong with WFF

  1. Nick says:

    What if wrong with working for other people’s families is that those of us who don’t have families are forced to work to pay those who choose to have families.


  2. gravedodger says:

    Most of the original welfare was introduced to alleviate true poverty and that was laudable. Some “enterprising” citizens soon saw the opportunity for profit that just didn’t occur to the original grateful recipients.
    Then the wonderful socialist politicians saw a terrific opportunity to “welfarise” sufficient of the citizenry to possibly ensure perpetual political power by threatening to withhold the benefits or that political opponents may do just that and we now find ourselves in the pretty (or should that be not very pretty) mess we are in now.
    When Mrs GD and I became too tired to continue our life on the land in our late 50’s and saw too many of our generation dieing without enjoying a few years of retirement, I am sure many thought we had gone onto a benefit and when Mrs GD became eligible for Nat Super the charming man at DSW tried to interest me in a benefit as well( I am a Toyboy and just love it) and could not quite understand when I respectfully declined his generous offer of money that was not his. I now can only assume he was possibly in a position of net gain as a result of the stupid stupid WFF system.
    My two beautiful daughters have chosen career over children and I respect their choice but am uncomfortably angry that they and those who can’t have children are supporting people such as you outline above to maintain such a lifestyle at the cost of higher than necessary taxes.
    So much of the system we are in today is manifestly unfair but the electoral consequences prohibit any real change towards fairness. Hopefully the recent announced changes are a portent of better and fairer things to come.


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