To holiday or not to holiday is the annual question

If the captain of the John Wikcliffe had known what chaos and confusion his arrival at Port Chalmers would cause future citizens of Otago and Southland, he might have chosen a more convenient date.

As it was he arrived on March 23rd and some powers that be subsequently decreed that that date would be the two provinces’ anniversary day and be observed on the Monday closet to it.

That’s today.

The trouble is those of us on the right side of the Waitaki and of independent mind and not everyone wants to take today off. Some would prefer to tack the day on to Easter which is usually not far away instead.

Consequently, as happens every year, some businesses and offices are open and some are not. Some people are taking a day off and others are saving it for a couple of weeks to turn the four-day Easter break into a five day one.

As employers with a seven day a week operation, we have to pay those who work today holiday rates even if they’d rather work today and have a day off in a fortnight.

That includes anyone who might be getting stock in to send to the works  because if no-one does that today freezing workers – who may or may not be working today – will have nothing to do tomorrow.

Living on the right side of the Waitaki has a lot to recommend but, but the timing of our anniversary day isn’t one of them.

3 Responses to To holiday or not to holiday is the annual question

  1. pdm says:

    HP I am unsure what the `Right side of the Waitaki is’.

    * Is it the correct side?
    * Is it the right side looking up the river from the sea?
    * Is it the right side looking down the river from it’s source.

    All very confusining to me. lol.


  2. homepaddock says:

    The right side of a river is always the right when looking down it from the source.

    In this instance it’s also the correct side 🙂


  3. gravedodger says:

    Provincial holidays are similar to the situation with our national days, a hodge podge of of confusion in the minds of the citizenry overlaid with the many different attitudes as to exactly what we are celebrating/remembering/just taking the day off. In the major province to the north (wrong side) of ‘our’ river you refer to, uses the provincial day as an add on to the weekend at the end of what was known as show week and now is probably better known as cup week (NZ Trotting cup at Addington and NZ Cup at Riccarton) and now morphing into Carnival week with many other activities,related and unrelated to the original activities. I doubt however if many of those enjoying the festivities have any idea of the connection of the holiday Friday to the celebration of Canterbury Anniversary Day. Most will be looking at the holiday ramifications to their pay and work situation, sadly.


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