Super powers

What super powers do we need for the modern world? Not the comic book ones, but ones which make us better people.

Zen Tiger at NZ Conservative muses on this and has come up with a list of five:

1. Comprehend Languages.
2. Know names.
3. Teleport.
4. Healing Touch.
5. Iron Will.

I’ve deliberately left out Zen’s explanations and suggestions of alternate powers because the post deserves to be read in full.

He’s aiming for a top 10. I’ve added:

6. the power to truly forgive and fully forget slights

7. the power to foresee unforeseen consequences.

One Response to Super powers

  1. ZenTiger says:

    I like your two extra ones. Number 6 might be a flow on effect of one of the alternates I mentioned, or am I getting confused with dementia? 🙂

    Number 7 is really powerful. As Homer Simpson once said: “Doh, why do all my actions have consequences?”

    We could of course act with a little more prudence and think things through before taking action. When that fails, we can learn from our mistakes by stopping and reflecting upon them and resolving to try harder next time around. That’s something not done as often a it could be.

    With that kind of spirit, we would see more of number 6 – by acknowledging our mistakes and seeking to improve, we would see others respond with a greater spirit of charity and forgiveness I think.

    I find it interesting that a lot of these “powers” are there for the taking. First however, the techniques to achieve them need to be taught or modeled, from parents to children; teachers to students; leaders to their supporters.


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