Scientists’ lot not a happy one

Most scientists don’t have an easy life in New Zealand.

Many are dependent on grants and spend a lot of time and energy making applications to enable them to continue their research and earn a living.

The Prime Minister’s Science Awards, the winners of which were announced today, are long overdue recognition of the importance of science and offer financial award for scientists, science teachers and journalists.

They will give a financial and moral boost for the recipients and also give a much needed boost to science.

In announcing the winners, John Key said:

 “Our scientists are doing high quality research in many areas but too often their achievements receive little public acclaim. Today’s prizes follow up on a Budget promise last year to raise the profile and prestige of science in New Zealand”.

The winners are:

  • Dr Jeff Tallon and Dr Bob Buckley, IRL – The Prime Minister’s Science Prize. Drs Tallon and Buckley receive $100,000 with a further $400,000 going to IRL.
  • Stanley Roach, 18, formerly of Onslow College and now studying at the University of Auckland – The Prime Minister’s 2009 Future Scientist Prize. Stanley receives $50,000
  • Dr Paul Lowe, Morrinsville College, Morrinsville – The Prime Minister’s 2009 Science Teacher Prize. Paul receives $50,000 and his school receives $100,000
  • John Watt, Victoria University of Wellington – The Prime Minister’s 2009 MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist. John receives $150,000
  • Elizabeth Connor, Wellington – The Prime Minister’s 2009 Science Media Communications Prize. Elizabeth receives $150,000.

Sciblogs has more, including a photo of the recipients.

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