Monday’s quiz

1. What is a contradictanym?

2. What do nota, hauta, rawhiti and rato  mean?

3. Apples and pears, battle cruiser, Gregory Peck and Rosie Lea are Cockney rhyming slang for what?

4. Who is the current New Zealand Poet Laureatte?

5.  What does percuss  mean?

12 Responses to Monday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    (1) do you mean contronym? A word which can take on contradictory meanings? e.g sanction which depending on context means to permit something or to deny it

    (4) Cilla McQueen

    (5) to tap something

  2. gravedodger says:

    1 pass but sounds painful
    2 north south east and west
    3 a stairs, b pub, c neck d cup a tea.
    4 didn’t know we had one
    5 tap or strike some body part ie knee or chest /back or elsewhere in medical examination.

  3. homepaddock says:

    Andrei Schott’s Original Miscellany says it’s contradictanym. I can’t find either that or contronym in the concise or shorter OED but found both when I googled them.

  4. david winter says:

    1) Don’t know for sure but guess it’s a word that is it’s on antonym – like dusting (which can be achieved with icing sugar or a duster)

    2) I only knew the 3rd one, so a confident guess, North South East and West

    3) stairs, boozer, cheque and tea. The best one is “antiseptic” which means anti-American
    (yank -> tank -> septic-tank -> septic)

    4) No, I can’t even hazard a guess here

    4) To hit/tap as in “The ayeaye uses its freakishly long finger to percuss tree trunks and find grubs”

  5. david winter says:

    Err, I hope there are no points off for innumeracy or poor grammar (its/it’s in the first answer)…

  6. Richard says:

    Ah! Schott’s- every home should have one.

  7. homepaddock says:

    David – fear not, I’m prone to typos myself so take a very lenient view of those others make.

    Richard, it was thanks to your suggestion that I’m getting inspiration from Schott for the quiz.

  8. Julie says:

    @david winter – someone else was watching Last Chance to See last night too!

  9. pdm says:

    Richard you fool.

    It is your fault we are getting these obscure questions that no one knows the answere to. lol.

    I always thought pub was rubbidy dub in cockney rhyming slang.

    Don’t know any of the others although now having seen some answere some ring a bell – like percuss – as in drums perhaps.

  10. david winter says:


    Oh yes, a nature documentary featuring Stephen Fry and with a link to Douglas Adams is, as far as I’m concerned, pretty close to the definition of perfect television!

  11. Richard says:

    pdm- yes, guilty. I offered to lend HP a copy but she already had one. Thought it would provide an extra degree of difficulty to the quiz; a little sadistic of me since I am hopeless at quizzes. My copy came from my late mother who died recently. It resided on a side table beside a chair she sat in. She was quite protective about her books leaving notes like “don’t let the boys have it” When she died I borrowed Schott’s book intending to return it. Unfortunately its not mine to keep. A 17 year old neice has claimed it. I am delighted and told her so saying that “words” were a welcome addition to her interests of boys, pop, and horses. Cannot possibly repeat her reply here but none of the words came from Schotts

  12. Samo says:

    1 word which can mean doing or not doing, thus needing the attending sentence to clarify which meaning is meant
    3 , boozer, neck, cup of tea
    5 Tap or beat

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