Another Brick in the Wall

Happy Birthday Snowy White – 62 today.

One Response to Another Brick in the Wall

  1. This is from the 1990 performance by Roger Waters and band of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” in Berlin where the wall had come down 12 months before.

    At 2:23 we get an all-too-brief snippet of the concert’s music director, Andy Fairweather Low, looking terrified, understandably. Then Snowy White plays the second guitar solo at about 3:48.

    And yes, that is Cyndi Lauper singing throughout, dressed as Judith Baragwanath and possibly wearing a wig. At the end, at 5:41, dressed as David Benson-Pope – “Teacher! Leave those kids alone” – is a very nice man called Thomas Dolby.

    Right at the end of the concert the wall comes down. Imagine being in Berlin in 1990 and chanting “Tear down the wall!” It all gets a bit emotional.

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