Green Eggs and Ham

Theodor Seuss Geisel, , who was better known as Dr Seuss, would have been 106 today.

4 Responses to Green Eggs and Ham

  1. Andrei says:

    You might think I’m very smart
    I’ve learned those books off by heart

    Four children when they were very small
    loved those books, loved them all

    so I read them out, night after night
    ’till I could read them closed and get it right


  2. pdm says:

    That is me too Andrei – including the 4 children part.

    Big A Little a.
    Brown Bear Blue Bull
    The Cat in the Hat
    The Cat in the Hat comes Back

    and so on.


  3. homepaddock says:

    You can recite the books by heart,
    Every word to end from start?
    That’s very smart and very clever,
    Will you remember them for ever?


  4. Paul Tremewan says:

    Family favourite: If I Ran The Circus
    The story of course of young Morris McGurk:
    The founder and always alert,
    promoter of Circus McGurkus.

    The story and rhymes are quintessentially exquisite
    So that’s a book well worthy a visit.
    If you have not read it, do try to soon
    It’s about the Hoodwink and the Remarkable Foon.

    I could go on… (and usually do),
    About the Flummox and Juggling Jott.
    I could write further about the book’s who-is-who
    (But alas: for our purposes here: not a lot..)

    Thank you, Theo Geisel
    For your good turn for parents.
    The entertainment for us and our kiddies
    Never relents.

    Green Eggs and Ham
    About that, too, enamored I am…

    Eh, that’s it….


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