Degrees of separation from disaster

It is difficult to comprehend the human impact of a disaster like the earthquake in Chile when those affected are a number in a news report.

But within an hour of hearing the news of the earthquake and the tsunami warnings for New Zealand we were talking to the daughter of friends. She told us they were hosting a Chilean exchange student who had been desperately trying to reach his family by phone but couldn’t get through and was waiting anxiously for a call from them.

What had been an abstract disaster became more real as we saw her concern for a teenager thousands of miles from home, waiting and worrying about his family and friends.

2 Responses to Degrees of separation from disaster

  1. […] Added comment: Please don’t think I am being blase about a disaster. I really feel for what the people are going through over there and hope I never have to experience it myself. See what my friend Ele has to say about the disaster being close to home […]


  2. Jesse says:

    The world is going through hard times and it’s happening because God is revealing His presence, and we must serve Him alone. It’s time to change our ways!!


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