The sign at the entrance to the town usually says Dunsandel but last time I drove through someone had changed the D to a F.

There wasn’t much fun about Dunsandel a few years ago, it was just another of the blink-and-you-miss-it towns on the journey to and from Christchurch.

Then the Dunsandel Store had a rebirth, selling delicious, fresh food and some of the best value for money ice creams on State Highway 1.

We often stop there and I’ve yet to be disappointed in the quality of the food.

But I do have one question – who put the door handle on and why did s/he put it so low?

6 Responses to Funsandel

  1. Lou Taylor says:

    I remember Dunsandal being famous for one thing when I was a kid. The Queen stopping at the pub for a call of nature stop on some royal tour. No idea if that story is true.
    Was also impressed with the store on my last visit.


  2. Woollcombe says:

    Good pies at the pub too. The D to F is quite interesting. We now have Funedin which many failing students could endorse, Funtroon which has a Disney sound to it, on the West Coast there’d be Funollie…I’m sure there are numerous others.


  3. fredinthegrass says:

    The door handle being so low……… well, the doors needed to be rehung, the builder was in a bit of a hurry, and Whoops!!….. you know the sort of drama!
    He got them the wrong way round.


  4. gravedodger says:

    Peter Cape, I think had a song, “The Dog Dosing Strip at Dunsandel”.
    My Geography awareness was first awakened to the settlement when a school friend’s parents moved there in the Fifties and opened “The Whitehouse Selwyn” on the south bank of the river and when I wrote to him felt compelled to look where he had moved to in the atlas. I was S2 Year 4 at the time and we finished up at the same highschool 5years later.
    The roadhouse concept was imported from America and they did a good trade with CHCH people taking a drive there for a afternoon tea.
    There was another later to the north of the city at Pinehaven to the north of Kaiapoi, it was more dining oriented.
    Milestones in our developement.


  5. Richard says:

    Food is excellent. The comfort food, like Lambs Fry and bacon, is yum. Agree with fredinthegrass, but this quirk adds to the unpretentious of the place.


  6. justin says:

    the term funsandel came from a friend of mine on the night of my 21st in oct 1998 he was he was talking to to the camcorder when i was about to attempt my yardy when he said “here we are at funsandel ” and it just stuck from that day on . As for the low door handles it was a construction error and rather than fix it the owners decided it was something different and decided to keep it.


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