Toys for the kitchen

When they were doing up their kitchen the contents of the cupboards and drawers were packed up and put in another room.

When the renovations were finished they put only those things they were going to use back. After a year there were still some things they hadn’t used or missed.

I suspect most of us would be in a similar position – big people’s gadgets are a bit like children’s toys. There’s ones which are used regularly and you wouldn’t want to part with and others are fun for a while but soon get forgotten.

My post on outdoor toys attracted votes for diggers, chain saws, a John Deere harvester, a Yamaha raptor and a Harley, and advice to change my mind on a water blaster.

It’s time now to consider indoor toys.

Let’s start by acknowledging that things which make housework easier like automatic washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners aren’t toys but necessities for modern life.

At the opposite extreme to those are the the ones which couldn’t be considered necessities, were used a few times but are now in the back of a cupborad like the ice cream maker.

That leaves appliances which I use regularly and while I could do without them, would prefer not to: 

* the Kenwood mixer my mother-in-law gave my farmer and me as an engagement present (still working after 27 years).

* food processor (not as hardy as the mixer, I’m on to my third).

* breadmaker – it used to be used every day when I fed staff, it’s not used so often now but still often enough to not want to give it up.

7 Responses to Toys for the kitchen

  1. Stef says:

    My would be my beautiful kitchen aid mixer (in red of course) and my oven thermometer – it’s amazing how poorly so many ovens are calibrated.


  2. kismet says:

    We did the same in our last kitchen renovation. The stuff needed daily went back in and various other bits got added as they were used. After six months what was left in the boxes in the spare room went to the local hospice shop. My one regret is the garlic crusher – I had three and kept the one that wasn’t the best one.

    Must say my mixers don’t last (should have invested in a decent brand) but my food processor is as old as number 1 son – 24 (I think it used to be white – and maybe even look clean).


  3. pmofnz says:

    Kenwood. Now there’s a brand worth having in your kitchen. Our 36 year old (wedding present) cake mixer is still A-OK. Had a couple of strip downs and lubes in its lifetime.

    But damned noisy when mixing those egg whites at high speed for 5 minutes or so for pavlovas.


  4. JC says:

    The Kenwood yep. Ours is 40 years old and never missed a beat. Annoying to the TV watchers!

    Electric frying pan. Every 7-10 days we have a “fat” feed. Sausages, eggs, bacon, chips and fried tomatoes, you can’t beat the EFP for that sort of meal.

    Rice machine.. absolutely perfect rice every time.. perfect for curry and rice and most Chinese meals.

    My “Lodge” iron Dutch oven/stockpot/casseroler, steak frying/soup/jam maker/relish/tomato sauce/etc.
    A 20lb chunk of iron thats great in or on top of the stove and indispensable.

    My Braun Stick.. its virtually replaced the Kitchen Whizz. Great accompliment for the Sunbeam Breadmaker when I’m making Tomato bread.. I use little water but liquefy tomatoes, onion, garlic, Chilies, Basil, Thyme, parsley, tomato paste and anything else spicy lying about.. I have to double the Yeast so it can lift and heave up the resultant mix.

    My electric Breville Ultimate Wok. More than 30 years ago we found Chinese was one guaranteed way to get veges into the kids.. they are long gone (the kids) but the modern Wok makes this weekly meal a highlight.

    The electric can opener. Find the cheapest and simplest (Sunbeam Openall) to make life easier for old and young.

    A knife block and sufficient drawer room for 45 carving type knives, including a Bowie knife (hey, I’m a boy with toys); but no question.. its the Victorinox knives in pride of place, along with the most wicked 51/2 inch folding knife which the wife uses on steak with her weakened right hand.



  5. rayinnz says:

    Ok there is some stuff we hardly ever use like the ice-cream machine (fits on the red Kitchen Aid mixer)
    But twice a year I make lovely raspberry parfait that is worth the wait
    Like the cherry pit remover and the sugar thermometer when you need then you need them
    Favourite knife was found under a woodheap 41 years ago, don’t know how it got there but it is a Hitler Youth knife which I have used for farm butchery ever since
    Nice to remember who won the war


  6. Paul Tremewan says:

    For the last 35 years.. no question: Mrs T…..!!!

    Note: THIS IS A JOKE ( in case I get vilified by the no humour / PC brigade… and if and when she reads this!!)


  7. homepaddock says:

    Stef – a friend has one of those mixers and swears by it.

    Kismet – Isn’t that Murphey’s Law – get rid of the one that works well and keep the one that doesn’t?

    PM – only 5 minutes beating for pavlova? My recipe needs at elast twice as much as that. It is noisy but mine is in the pantry and I can shut the door between sugar additions when making pavs.

    JC – Have survived without the electric frying pan, rice maker, iron pot, Braun stick, wok and can opener but agree with you on those victorinox knives – I have several and often give them as gifts to young people about to go flatting.

    Rayinz – there are some things which don’t get used often but are so useful when used now and then they’re worth keeping.

    Paul, after 37 years no doubt Mrs T either appreciates, or overlooks, your sense of humour:)


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