Did you see the one about . . .

Unemployment – Something Goes Here has a cracker cartoon from Garrick Tremain.

A rural joke – Quote Unquote on sounds you hear on most farms (Though not Rob’s father’s).

Warning food is a choking hazard – Opinionated Mummy on the danger of warnings against danger.

How I became a Science teacher from Alison Campbell at Sciblogs and on a similar theme: Career Day – Rivetting Kate Taylor on how she got into journalism.

So good I stole it – Adolf at No Minister  and Dos and don’ts for cuddle class – Kiwiblog  illustrates in-flight etiquette.

Come take my stuff – Roar Prawn warns that technology can tell too much.

Top 10 at 10 Interest.co.nz has some funny cartoons among the serious stuff.

How not to define social sciences at Anti Dismal  . 

Exaggerating the benefits of Community Education at The Visable Hand In Economics and apropos of this Really big numbers at Off Setting Behaviour.

One Response to Did you see the one about . . .

  1. gravedodger says:

    great Potpourri, especially vintage Tremain and the really scary PWC rubbish about the economic outcomes for the curtailment of state funded ACE, Unbelievable.
    What is so hard for control freak socialists to grasp with the effects of a too managed economy. Paper rounds have largely disappeared, home help is a dirty word, (I see home help is being cut in Southland DHB) young people no longer get work experience around small businesses after school. Not all work is offered at $12.50 an hour and it is not because of nasty employers, it just is not worth it.
    As for the fisking of the PWC report, One commenter made the obvious statement, if the benefits are accurately expanded we can double our GNP by just reinstating and expanding the old Adult Education system with a cost of 10 billion and a benefit of some 15 billion dollars a year. What has PWC come to.


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