Is there a convenient time for a power cut?

No, and just after 6am is particularly inconvenient if you’re milking cows.

All the cups fall off.

4 Responses to Is there a convenient time for a power cut?

  1. pdm says:

    Do you help in the shed at that time of the day HP? I am impressed.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Roas – if that was the problem the outage would have been more than momentary.

    pdm I can milk and have done it but only a couple of times – once to learn in case there was an emergency and once in an emergency. This morning I’d just woken up when the power went off, but I was thinking of our staff who were milking.


  3. Rob Hosking says:

    Arch. Flashbacks to the mid-late 70s, helping in the cowshed at home.

    The milking machine falters and dies, so do the lights (cuts *always* seemed to happen after dark or, if in the summer, in the middle of haymaking when you wanted to get through milking particularly quickly).

    The cups hit the concrete floor, Dad or Grandpa would utter strong language like ‘Blast’ or ‘Godfather Gypsy’ or if they were really peeved, ‘Damn’. (My folks are kind of down on swearing).

    The cows would get rattled and shit and piss everywhere (the ‘down on swearing’ thing kind of got lost with my generation).

    Production would go down because the cows were upset.

    And all you could do really was wait.


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