Money doesn’t buy elections

The ink was hardly dry on the media release about electoral funding when the usual suspects started raving about rich people buying elections.

Some thoughts which have escaped them:

* The only buying of an election in recent times was Labour’s with the pledge card paid for by public money.

* Spending more doesn’t necessarily win elections. Kiwiblog analysed the four elections from 1996 to 2005 and found

The impact of money on elections is relatively insignificant compared to policies, party reputation, leadership and media treatment.

Complaints aren’t just about election spending but spending on referenda with lots of derogatory references to Peter Shirtcliff and the money he spent campaigning against MMP.

A thought which has escaped them:

* He lost the campaign.

Money doesn’t buy elections or referenda.

2 Responses to Money doesn’t buy elections

  1. pdm says:

    HP I think Interest Free Student loans and WFF both sit with the Pledge Card paid for with misapproriated money when it comes to buying that election.


  2. murrayg1 says:

    and Shirtcliffe is



    please tick box.

    Actually, this is all a side-show now. There are really important issues.

    Which some will continue to deny, ignore, fail to address.



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