America’s Cup is America’s cup again

The USA regained the America’s Cup for the first time since 1995 when BMW Oracle beat the Swiss yacht Alinghi this morning.

It’s the third fourth * win New Zealander Russell Coutts has been associated with.

He skippered New Zealand yachts to two wins and is now CEO of the Oracle team.

Coutts could have skippered a record three wins but in a gesture of sportsmanship handed the helm to Dean Barker for the final race. He was praised for that but then received a lot of criticism when he left New Zealand to sail for foreign teams.

I didn’t blame him for doing that. He’s a professional yachty, he’d done his best for New Zealand and had the right to earn more money elsewhere when he had the opportunity to do so.

* Ian left a comment pointing out Coutts also won with Alinghi.

7 Responses to America’s Cup is America’s cup again

  1. pdm says:

    As I recall HP it wasn’t the fact he went overseas that made him so unpopular. It was how he went about it and what he said.

    PM of NZ – probably has some informed comment if you can get him over.


  2. Linda Reid says:

    I think what upset people was they thought it was NZ against the rest of the world. Turned out it wasn’t. It was just a rich man’s sport and we were taken as fools.


  3. pmofnz says:

    pdm, An absolute farce on and off water this current series, hence I have not really been following it.

    Your summary is right, many like me still view him as the ultimate traitor.

    Impressive boats though.


  4. Ian says:

    actually 4 wins
    2x team NZ
    1x alinghi
    1x oracle


  5. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Ian, I’ve made a correction.


  6. Inventory2 says:

    I think it’s time for us to move on; the America’s Cup no longer meets my definition of sport.


  7. Ciaron says:

    I have worked for both TNZ & BMWO, and a few other AC syndicates. I feel I must point out that the amcup has always been a battle fought equally on the water and in the courts, hence the saying from earlier days: “Britannia rules the waves, and America waves the rules.”

    As for sir Rusty, no-one seemed to get to upset about nationalities when we had a Seppo help design NZL32/38.
    I have it from a reputable source that Rusty & Brad were poised to take over the syndicate with Bertarelli as financier, but that went down like a lead balloon and the rest is history.

    Some of the millionaires/ rich pricks (:p) who played the game:
    Earl of Dunraven 1893
    Sir Thomas Lipton 1899-1929
    Thomas W. Lawson 1901
    Harold Vanderbilt 1929
    Sir Thomas Sopwith 1934
    Alan Bond 1974-1983
    Ted Turner 1977
    Michael Fay 1987-1992
    Bill Koch 1992
    Raul Gardini 1992
    Patrizio Bertelli 2000-2003
    Ernesto Bertarelli 2003-2010
    Larry Ellison 2003-2010

    Of course, many more have been involved in the challenger series.


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