Better than alright on the day

The signs for the wedding rehearsal on December 30th weren’t good.

It was taking place at Elephant Rocks and the wind was so strong the marquee had been tide to a ute.

But the weather gods were only kidding. New Year’s Eve dawned clear and nearly calm and the wedding ceremony was able to take place as planned.

In contrast to December’s rehearsal, we couldn’t have had better weather for the one at the Mill House at Waianakarua on Friday. It was 26 degrees with no wind as we stood on lawn under the trees. 

We didn’t even bother rehearsing plan B which was to move inside which I regretted when we woke up to rain yesterday. However, the wedding wasn’t until 2pm, by then the southerly had blown over and it was warm and calm on the lawn.

Perhaps it’s just been luck, but whatever has happened, or not, at rehearsals, it’s been better than alright on the day for all the weddings I’ve officiated at.

I’m not meaning just the weather, but everything else and that comes down to the attitude of the couples. They are there to commit themselves to each other and celebrate that with their family and friends. When they’re relaxed and happy about that everyone else is too.

When that happens, all’s right on the day, regardless of whether or not everything goes to plan. That provides happy memories for the couple and their guests and a wonderful start to the marriage.

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