Another asado

The couple at whose wedding I officiated yesterday work for us.

My farmer offered to help with the after-match lunch today and cooked a lamb:

He’s done it several times and got the recipe right – a smallish lamb, cooked very slowly over the embers of hot burning hard wood like manuka or blue gum.

It stays moist, is very tender and tastes delicious.

3 Responses to Another asado

  1. I was feeling very virtuous for making a vegetarian dinner tonight. I’m now no longer interested in eating such boring food. That lamb sounds yummy!


  2. Colin Lucas says:

    Last nights pizza, sigh!
    But some bubbles with the better 1/2.


  3. gravedodger says:

    I would call that picture cruel and unusual punishment.
    Looks a promising theme for blogger’s drinks Nth Otago style.
    Valentines day meal tonight here an old favorite, fish pie with Aylmers Akaroa Riesling for my love and Chardonnay for self.


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