A fuller ferry tale

The diverting ferry story on which I posted this morning has another side.

Chris Carter says he didn’t ask for the Waiheke ferry to divert to Davenport to pick him up after he’d got there by mistake.

Michelle Boag, who happened to be on the ferry, and Carter, gave their versions of the story on Jim Mora’s panel this afternoon.

The Herald story which confirms Carter didn’t ask for any favours, is here.

Apparently the ferry leaves from a different wharf at night and it’s not unusual for people to take the wrong one and nor is it unusual for the other ferry to divert to pick up the odd passenger who’s made that mistake.

Memo to Fullers: shouldn’t you correct your signage or procedures so that people are less likely to get on the wrong ferry, and staff notice when they do?

One Response to A fuller ferry tale

  1. pdm says:

    The problem is that Carter spends so much time using taxpayers money on overseas trips and therefore is away so much he is unable to read plain English.

    No need to change the signs at all.


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