Which toy would you choose?

We’re going to the Waimumu field days today.

I haven’t been before but know what to expect – lots of big noisy things which remind me of an email received from a reader last year.

He’d been doing work on his property which required the assistance of a digger. He’d left that to the expert but with some regret that he hadn’t been able to play with the big toy himself.

That led him to write a list of the tools/implements he’d really like to have which, if memory serves me correctly, included a digger and a chain saw.

I’m not into noisy toys but if I had to choose one I’d have to confess I’ve never grown out of the thrill which comes from playing with water. That would put a water blaster at the top of my list.

What would you put on yours?

9 Responses to Which toy would you choose?

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    For me – a BIGGER digger than the “Tonka Toy” I currently own.
    It is a 28 hp garden tractor with front-end loader.


  2. Neil says:

    Just been out at the Waimumu site selling hotdogs and chips to all and sundry for the local Lions Club.
    Great to meet people from as far away as the Hauraki Plains.
    A great thing for Gore, held in balmy Meditteranean Gore weather !!
    A great site looking from a distance.Thanks for coming Elie, I suppose you’re down for some of the John Key events.


  3. Here I Stand says:

    One of these for doing my firewood:


  4. gravedodger says:

    A digger!!!!, however having agreed to sell the Harley when we bought the new caravan am scared to find out the tradeoff for a digger, it may well be me.


  5. oswald Bastable says:

    I spend 6-8 weeks of the year on an industrial-strength water blaster.

    Don’t go there!

    Get a digger!


  6. Paul Tremewan says:

    Holy Moly, G’Dodge: trading the Harley for a caravan… sacre bleu, zoot alors!!
    HD produce enough bikes for most situations, perhaps even for caravanning!! I am sure that you could have got a Heritage Softtail: it would have been big enough to to tow most caravans!!
    If you do get traded for a bigger digger, give me a call: I’ve got another bike you could come touring on!!


  7. gravedodger says:

    Paul T thanx for the offer, really enjoyed the bike but onset physical degradation really made the decision for me and no regrets other than the bloody inexorable aging progress that led me from adventure to reality.
    ps see too much damaged flesh in my community service other life in a white truck.


  8. […] My post on outdoor toys attracted votes for diggers, chain saws, a John Deere harvester, a Yamaha raptor and a Harley, and advice to change my mind on a water blaster. […]


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