Flag debate isn’t flagging

There are more important things to concentrate on than whether or not we change our flag but the debate over it is continuing.

Heartened by John Key’s admission he’d prefer a silver fern, John Ansell has launched a poll to find out which silver fern most people prefer.

Meanwhile, the latest bid on the TradeMe auction for the Prime Ministerial doodle of a flag is $18,888. The winner will also be invited to morning tea with the Prime Minister.

11 Responses to Flag debate isn’t flagging

  1. pdm says:

    None of them unless the flag includes the current NZ in a corner. We should not throw away our heritage.


  2. Red Rosa says:

    Trouble is, the silver fern has a strong resemblance to the White Feather.

    Might be OK for the PM, but as a national (National?) flag?


  3. John Ansell says:

    You can see on this chart http://johnansell.wordpress.com/2010/02/06/12-states-discarded-jack-kept-queen/ that New Zealand’s blue ensign is one of 63 former British colonial ensign flags.

    Of these former colonies, all but 11 now feel independent enough to fly a national flag of their own design.

    But an independent flag does not mean that country has become a republic.

    Of the 15 Commonwealth realms that retain the Queen as head of state, 12 display no trace of the monarch’s home country on their flags.

    Flags are about emotion, not logic, and I can understand that many New Zealanders don’t like change.

    I myself would rather keep the blue ensign than change to 99% of the suggested alternatives.

    But just be aware that we’re out out of step in clinging to mother’s apron strings.

    We should also remember that mother abandoned us in the 70s to shack up with her neighbours.


  4. John Ansell says:

    The ‘white feather’ concern is valid.

    But it hasn’t stopped the All Blacks from becoming the most successful team in the world in a sport demanding the highest level of courage.

    Those who aren’t aware that it’s a fern will find out in due course – partly because of curiosity about “why those tough All Blacks are wearing a white feather”.


  5. Andrei says:

    The British in the 19th century were the most advanced and humane people on earth.

    New Zealand is a legacy of that and it is nothing to be ashamed of, rather it should be celebrated and built upon not airbrushed aside.

    There is a horrific legacy of people who would erase history to look back upon (eg Pol Pot as an extreme one), we should learn from that and not do it ourselves.


  6. Red Rosa says:

    Black flags have piracy connotations, which are a bit disturbing.

    The simplest solution is just to wipe the Union Jack, and enlarge the four red/white stars on the dark blue background.

    That would show we are now big grownup people. And it would trump the Australians, with their overdone Southern Cross.


  7. gravedodger says:

    Mr Ansell, I dont have any feeling of dependence or attatchment to the U K, ie apronstrings, but I have a very strong regard for my celtic forbears and their enduring culture. Our Flag does not cause me any diminution of my being nor should anyone else. I am one very proud New Zealander.I dont ask for state funding to support my inherited culture but the flag of my country has totally satisfied my yearning for a symbol of my citizenship. Could I respectfully ask that you redirect your undoubted talents toward something that needs changing far more than this.
    I was greatly cheered by the outcome of the Herald poll on the subject.


  8. JC says:

    I prefer Lockwood’s flag, but not on black! A lot of blue and some green would be nice.

    In the bottom left corner we could show one of Neville Lodges cartoons of a Kiwi in a black shirt beating up a Wallaby.. that would show we have a real purpose in life.



  9. fredinthegrass says:

    Dave Clark’s design is unlike a feather.
    However I am strongly in favour of a Silver Fern
    on a black background.
    We are renowned overseas for our Black Jersey,
    Singlet, Black Magic etc. and respected for it.

    Lets remember one of life’s constants is Change.


  10. adamsmith1922 says:

    I support retention of our flag, but would possibly be open to change if the whole debate was not couched in terms of let us ‘re-brand’, let us have a new logo, let us have a marketing tool.

    The appalling idea of the so called silver fern on blakc, is just that appalling and so resonant of our ridiculous obsession with sport. Why don’t we call our country Rugbyland and fly the NZRU banner.That is what the silver fern effectively means.

    So much of this debate reeks of a lack of self-confidence, plus why focus on the flag when there are so many more important issues, see my post here http://bit.ly/bg7bR9


  11. John Ansell says:

    Tell you what: if the Nats will focus on closing the Tasman wage gap, I’ll give up the flag campaign.

    Deal? Thought not.

    Actually adam, I think a country is capable of debating all things great and small.

    gravedodger, I respect your opinion and I respectfully ask that you respect mine.

    I was greatly cheered by the result of the CloseUp poll that showed 62% in favour of change and the silver fern (the unpopular All Blacks one) only 1% behind the blue ensign.


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