Water will take us past Australia

The government’s plans for water storeage, which were outlined by John Key in his Statement to Parliament have gained the approval of Federated Farmers.

“New Zealand can pass Australia because we have the water and they don’t,” says Don Nicolson, President of Federated Farmers.

“While there’s no numbers in the Prime Minister’s speech, Federated Farmers’ intense lobbying on water storage has water firmly on the National Infrastructure Unit’s work programme.

“Water is to our economy what minerals are to Australia’s. Harnessing water to grow grass and crops that would otherwise run out to sea is economically transformational. . .”

It doesn’t have to be irrigation for increased agricultural production or minerals. 

If a little of what’s under conservation land with little environmental value can be mined, it could be both.

One Response to Water will take us past Australia

  1. gravedodger says:

    Our abundant water is gold and if we as a nation are ever under threat from another, it will be our water and its quality, the reason.
    The thing we have to address is the enormous loss of water to the ocean in times of surplus and the continual screech of opposition whenever a plan comes along to modify how that water can be better managed. If the dopey economically inadequate knee jerk reactors to every plan to store and or enhance flows of our waterways on romantic andertonian dreams of days gone by, are to be given oxygen then we will continue to fall down the OECD standings.

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