A police officer from Christchurch airport has just phoned to tell me they know who took my laptop – but they can’t find him.

To recap – I’d put the laptop and my suitcase on the ground while paying for the car park last Wednesday, picked up the case but not the laptop and when I realised just a few minutes later what I’d done I went back and the computer had gone.

The police officer went through video footage and saw it all happen. A bloke behind me in the queue picked up the laptop and walked off with it. The officer went through the video of the entrance and exit as well and saw the bloke arriving in a red Nissan station wagon.

He checked the registration and identified the driver as Daniel Morgan. His last address was that of an ex-girlfriend who wasn’t very complimentary about him. The officer then traced former employers and discovered he also goes under the names of Daniel Barr and Daniel Erickson but no-one knows where he is now.

I’m very impressed with the police officer and his detective work I’ll be even more impressed if he can tack him down.

And I’m very unimpressed with my own carelessness.

4 Responses to Wanted!

  1. Allan says:

    Unfortunately another example of a lowlife who has no morals, who without any hint of concience steals and causes a lot of disruption to the daily life of his victim. I bet that if and when the Police catch him he will demand his rights and demand the protection of the law, such is the stupidity of the Justice system.


  2. Here I Stand says:

    Will we see praise for the police or more condemnation?
    They do an excellent job and we must cut them slack – this is a fine example.
    Any problems with the Police exist within the bureaucracy that successive governments have encumbered them with.
    It’s stories like this that need to hit the MSM healdines.


  3. homepaddock says:

    HIS – nothing but praise from me over this. Everyone I’ve dealt with from the moment I reported the theft has been efficient and helpful. I’m particularly appreciatibe of this officer in particular for going through the videos and following the trail from there.


  4. Inventory2 says:

    I have posted an all-points-bulletin on your behalf Ele – and praised the Christchurch police 🙂


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