Key’s flag doodle on TradeMe for Cure Kids

The doodle John Key did on Breakfast yesterday morning has been listed on TradeMe and the money raised from the sale will go to Cure Kids.

A media release from TVNZ said:

Prime Minister, John Key was asked to draw his version of an alternative NZ Flag by TVNZ’s Pippa Wetzell on Breakfast at 7:15am this morning. 

By the time the programme went off-air at 9am, TVNZ had received many pledges of money for the A4 sized doodle, the highest being $1000.  Mr Key gave his consent for the drawing to be auctioned for charity and it has been listed on Trade Me this afternoon with all proceeds going to the children’s charity, Cure Kids.

Mr Key described his drawing as a “silver fern”.  Pippa Wetzell described it, perhaps more accurately, as a “lop-sided Christmas tree”.

In case there’s any doubt that this is the Prime Minister’s own work, here’s a screen shot of him drawing it:

And the video:

 And how good is the doodle? Here (Hat Tip Kiwiblog) it is:

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