Things I learned

*Walking 3 kilomteres up Castle Hill in Townsville when it’s 28 degrees with 90% humidity is harder than walking about 1/3 that distance up Mount Iron in Wanaka when it’s 20 degrees with 0 humidity.

* Australia has insects which bite, even when you’re moving.

* The bites itch.

* Drinking lots of water and sweating lots without compensating for what you’re losing can lead to cramp.

* Walking down hill with cramp in one thigh isn’t a lot of fun.

* Getting cramp in the other thigh makes it worse.

* There’s a great sense of satisfaction when you’ve done it.

* Doing it the second day without the cramp feels even better.

* Doing it the third day is better still, in spite of the blisters.

2 Responses to Things I learned

  1. pdm says:

    Why would you want to go back a second and then a third time. I have been up there in a bus – that will do me thank you.


  2. homepaddock says:

    PDM – would you believe I went up again to take a photo of Magnetic Island because I wasn’t able to get out there as you suggested:

    But then it was too hazy for a decent photo.


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