There’s diets that work . . .

 . . . then there’s this one:

*  If it is good for you it’s not fattening, so as long as you are eating it for the calcium content there’s no need to worry about the kilojoules in cheese and ice cream.
* Kilojoules only count when you’re enjoying eating them.
* Following from that: anything you don’t like isn’t fattening so if you develop an aversion to chocolate or champagne it’s fine to have as much as you like, even if you have to indulge in quite a lot of them before developing the aversion.
* Kilojoules shared are kilojoules halved. Any amount of food divided between six meals will have only half the energy value of the same amount of food consumed in three.
* Anything eaten to protect someone else from temptation is kilojoulefree becuase you are performing a service.
Dedicated with tongue in cheek (a good diet tool because it’s hard to eat when you’re doing that)  to Busted Blonde who’s just finished the first week of her journey to  Fab & Fifty.

2 Responses to There’s diets that work . . .

  1. kismet says:

    Don’t forget that broken biscuits have less calories/kilojoules than whole ones due to calorie leak, and that if you eat something off someone else’s plate it doesn’t count as they weren’t your calories/kilojoules. 😛


  2. bustedblonde says:

    thanks guys… need every bit of help and support I can get!


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