Airport etiquette

There is usually a difference in carpet or a line on the floor beside the baggage carousel to indicate that people should stand back.

Usually people do at the start, but then someone moves forward and others follow.

If everyone but the people retrieving their bags kept back it would be much easier to see your luggage coming round and lessen the risk of banging in to someone else with it when you pick up it up.

Do manners take a holiday at airports or does etiquette not apply?

3 Responses to Airport etiquette

  1. DavidW says:

    Nah, I just bang my bag into anyone stupid enough to stand too close – their choice. Clears a space pretty quickly though.


  2. gravedodger says:

    You sound like a really nice person DavidW, you don’t live north of the Maginot sorry meant Bombay line by chance.


  3. DavidW says:

    well yes gd as a matter of fact I do. I was though brought up in a genteel suburb of ChCh (North of the square)and for the first 40 years stood by meekly while a large part of the rest of the world pushed and shoved and left me standing in its wake.

    5 years living in Korea knocked that out of me I’m afraid and I now just can’t be bothered. If someone wants to stand up to the belt and my bag comes round, I will say excuse me once and then I’m out of there.

    So I wouldn’t let the eyepatch cloud my vision too much if I was you.


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