One better than last week – 7/10 in NZ History Online’s quiz.

5 Responses to 7/10

  1. pdm says:

    Ditto. It seemed more an athletics quiz than a history one though.


  2. XChequer says:

    Crap. 4/10 (hangs head in shame)


  3. alex Masterley says:

    5, Sigh. Should have been 7.


  4. gravedodger says:

    4/10!!!!, I am not prepared for failure, bloody fascist, cunning examiners, we cant fail can we. Oh yea, helens gone, might just have to be personally responsible. Aaaaaaagh, minimum wage looms, for ever, oh well, cie la vie. That dosn’t happen does it, throw more money at me, where’s Winnie, never mind increase my entitlements oops I meant pension so I will feel better about myself or I will kick someone I mean something.
    I’m just going to sit in the car for a bit with the motor running and the garage door shut. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright.


  5. pdm says:

    gd – this is a proper test. If it was NCEA even those that got them all wrong would have passed.


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