For everything there is a season . . .

. . . and the season for hot cross buns is not summer.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere it’s spring and if you’re in the south it’s autumn.

This has escaped the supermarkets which started selling hot cross buns last week. Maybe they were selling Easter eggs too, I didn’t bother looking.

Supermarkets have got over Christmas and New Year and are looking for something else to tempt us with. But by rushing into Easter in January they are missing the chance to tempt us with treats for Valentines, St David’s and St Patrick’s days. All of these come well before Good Friday which isn’t until April 2, this year.

Lent also comes before Good Friday. Obviously supermarkets don’t want to go there because that’s about having less, not buying more. 

Hot cross buns and Easter eggs have a lot more to do with pagen celebrationss than religious ones but whatever the reason, now’s not the time to be eating them.And rather than encouraging me, their untimely pushing of Easter food so far out of season puts me off.

Last year I vowed no hot cross bun would cross my lips until Good Friday. None did and I’m making the same one-woman protest  against unseasonal selling this year.

5 Responses to For everything there is a season . . .

  1. Andrei says:

    Well said, Hot cross buns on sale before Lent has even started.

    Remember a few years ago how one supermarket took the crosses off them and sold them as Easter Buns.

    It was gratifying that the New Zealand public did not go for it and let it be known they did not want that particular tradition fiddled with.

    But when it comes down to it – I’d much rather worry about keeping the Feast of the Resurrection, Easter Sunday sacred than worry about “Easter buns”.

    As you say, for every thing there is a season and Pascha, Easter Sunday is not the season for buying cosmetics or anything else for that matter

  2. Stef says:

    I’m making my own this year.

  3. homepaddock says:

    Stef, if you’re making your own you’re excused if you do that well before Easter because it will be in aid of perfecting the recipe 🙂

  4. scrubone says:

    They clearly haven’t learned from trying to launch Christmas in October last year (or was it September?)

  5. pdm says:

    Hot cross buns are on sale in London supermarkets as well. We tried some the other day and they are crap compared to the ones we used to buy at New World in Hastings.

    It is hard to beat a good hot cross bun at breakfast time no matter what time of the year.

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