Saturday’s smiles

A farmer was herding some sheep along the road when he came across a foot-sore tourist sitting on the side of the road.

“How long will it take me to get to the nearest town?” the walker asked.

“Sorry, I don’t know,” the farmer replied.

“You obviously farm round here and you can’t tell me how long it will take me to get to town,” the walker said.

“Sorry, I’ve got no idea,” the farmer said.

The walker got to his feet and started limping down the road.

The farmer watched him until he was a few hundred metres away then she yelled, “It’ll be a good hour from here.”

The walker turned round and yelled back, “Two minutes ago you didn’t know how long it would take me and now it’s be a good hour, are you having me on?”

“No,” the farmer said. “It was just I didn’t know how fast you’d be walking.

4 Responses to Saturday’s smiles

  1. scrubone says:

    Perfectly sensible.

    Of course, the polite thing would be to ask how fast they could walk.


  2. pdm says:

    Scrubone – I get the impression you are and always have been a `townie’.


  3. homepaddock says:

    PDM – I’m with Scrubone on this, it would have been polite to ask, or to say how far it was and let the walker work out how long it would take him to get that distance. But that would have spoiled the joke.


  4. pdm says:

    Agreed – but really the joke is all about an old time farmer taking the mickey isn’t it.

    I can think back to when I was a kid in the 50’s to a few old timers who would have done just as the joke says, including my late grandfather who was a drover and farm worker.


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