Things to do at 9am on Sunday

Watching TV at all, let alone a programme on politics, doesn’t usually feature on my list of things to do at 9am on Sundays.

However, programmers at TVNZ have stuck to last year’s scheduling time and that’s when Agenda Q&A will screen again.

It starts this Sunday. Phil Goff and Hone Harawira are the interviewees. Mike Moore and Jeanette Fitzsimons willl join resident polticial analyst  Dr Therese Arseneau and Paul Holmes on the panel.

4 Responses to Things to do at 9am on Sunday

  1. alex Masterley says:

    That’s not on the agenda. Scuze the pun.
    Supermarket then Butterfly creek out at the airport with my wife and my lads.
    It might be fun though watching Mike Moore and Phill goff go head to head!

  2. XChequer says:

    Please, please TVNZ, hear our prayer!

    Lose Paul Holmes.


  3. Stef says:

    Of get mysky so you can watch it whenever.

  4. pdm says:

    Stef you can still do that with a video recorder can’t you? Or is that too, you know, last century?

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