Fifth rate speech rates fifth

One of the measures of a state of the nation speech is how much prominence the media coverage of it gets.

Was it a deliberate ploy by Jeannette Fitzsimons to exact revenge on Labour by announcing her resignation on the day Phil Goff tried to make himself and his party relevant?

Whether or not it was, two stories related to it and stories featuring Steven Joyce and John Key knocked Goff’s speech in to fifth place on the Stuff politics page:

Meet the Green Party’s new MP

A man once arrested while dressed up as Ronald McDonald is to be the new Green Party MP.

Driver’s licence cost could go up

 The cost of getting a driver’s licence is to go up, with more sweeping changes possible in future as the whole system gets reviewed.

Troubled youth visit hits Key


Prime Minister John Key has told how he and Prince William last week met a 15-year-old girl who had tried to kill herself the day before.

Fitzsimons resigns after 13 years


Green MP Jeanette Fitzsimons has confirmed she will resign from Parliament with her efforts praised by PM John Key.

Cap salaries, Goff says

 Labour leader Phil Goff has called for a cap on public service chief executive wages so they do not get paid more than the prime minister.

Mind you, bottom of the list is about where a speech like this belongs.

His “many not the few” is more than a little rich when it comes from the leader of a party which spent three terms dividing the population into groups whose votes it could buy.

Even the attack on bludgers fails. Labour actively encouraged bludging by making dependent on government handouts so many people who ought to be able to cope with their own resources.

One Response to Fifth rate speech rates fifth

  1. XChequer says:

    It later went to top banner, Ele. Belatedly that is.


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