Haggis Rap

In spite of my tartan genes I haven’t learned to like haggis.

But since it’s Burns’ night, here’s a rap Address To The Haggis from which Robbie was mercifully spared by a couple of hundred years.

5 Responses to Haggis Rap

  1. medusa says:

    I bet you haven’t had REAL haggis? (I’m not talking about what they flog off in Dunedin) or is it that you don’t eat offal?


  2. homepaddock says:

    Yes I’ve had real haggis and regard all offal as awful.


  3. gravedodger says:

    I sometimes wonder if it is a female thing as my wife of some 47 years and two darling daughters all have an aversion to offal, although thinly sliced and copiously seasoned liver can be eaten by the fruit of my loins with bacon and gravy. I love a steak and kidney pie, fried liver, SWEATBREADS done on a barbeque-yum, lightly fried ox heart and I really like haggis. I have tasted a few having attended a good presbyterian school that indulges in a haggis at every opportunity with the pipes the wee drams and the address to the haggis. All great fun.
    Perhaps you had too soft an upbringing Ele, although having an early childhood where money was just a little tight we never had a lot of offal and never had rabbit but my mum always said she had eaten enough rabbit during the 30s depression and hoped she never had to eat it again. When we killed a pig we seemed to eat every thing but the guts and the squeal, even the carefully scraped tail went into the brawn. I am rambling, Happy Burns night
    Heres tae us! Whas like us, dam foo an they’re all deed.


  4. medusa says:

    I’m sorry, but us offal lovers, (gimme tripe and onions NOW) are slghtly different from you delicate folks with dubious pallets. I bet you eat cheerios too *vomits*


  5. pdm says:

    Haggis tatties and neep for tea tonight in London. Just as good as the haggis I had at my cousins on the Isle Of Lewis 5 years ago.

    My wife of almost 40 years also hates offal while having been brought up on Lambs Fry, Kidneys and Tripe I love it. Fortunately Lambs Fry is a regular on the menu of most pubs when we eat out but Tripe is harder to find. No chance of getting it cooked at home – or even allowed in the house for that matter.


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