Love Story

Erich Segal died last week.

The Guardian obituary, says the fame his first book Love Story brought him: shouldered aside a litany of other accomplishments: as classics scholar and teacher, literary critic and sports commentator, essayist and scriptwriter, historian and practitioner of comedy.

I don’t disagree with that.

I had known little of his other accomplishments until I read the obituary. But like most women, and perhaps a few men, of my generation I’d  sobbed my way through the film when I was a teenager. Then I bought the book and sobbed some more.

2 Responses to Love Story

  1. lemon ade says:

    I recently purchased the DVD movie Love Story and just love it, the music, the atmosphere, the story, the locations. It was nominated for 7 Academy awards but won none, however, it is now a forgotten gem. The book is great too, a bit like Terms of Endearment. Sad about Erich Segal dying. Reminds one how short this life on Earth is…


  2. lemon ade says:

    Thank goodness there is life Eternal, if one wants to choose it…


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