Summer was there but now I’m here

Wanaka was basking under a cloudless sky and enjoying a lovely 26 degrees when I left at 2 yesterday afternoon.

North Otago skies were cloudy and it was only 16 degrees when I got home 2 1/2 hours later.

It tried to rain overnight and we woke to a cool, misty morning.

Summer was there, but now I’m here in two layers of merino.


2 Responses to Summer was there but now I’m here

  1. I had several days of swimming for seven or eight hours on the beautiful sandy beaches of Gisborne, spent yesterday with the air conditioning blaring in my car, and now, back home, it’s raining. But not a word of complaint is passing my lips, as we need it. Not as badly as Northland, but we need it. Why doesn’t it rain overnight though and leave us with cloudless blue skies and bright sunshine during the day?!

  2. gravedodger says:

    What you are looking for Kate is called, where I grew up, as “cocky’s rain” but your sentiment brings to mind a homily in the school journal ( the forerunner of Janet and John as primary readers, I know you young things are wondering what I am on about as I am no longer au fait with what is involved in primary readers today. Suffice to say I am not sure we have progressed). Anyway back to the little story. The weather god let a rope down from the heavens so the peasants could pull it and get rain, pull it again and the rain stopped. This worked well for a while (sort of like welfare) until an argument arose as to whether rain was needed or not. During the disagreement with much pulling of the rope it broke and they had to return to the great vagaries of weather we “enjoy” today.

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