NCEA inconsitencies

Her teacher praised her art work and said she was a very talented artist with a unique style. Then she warned that NCEA assessors might not mark her work highly.

The teacher was right. The pupil who had been top of the class all year just scraped through the external assessment.

His teacher said he’d never seen a better graphics project but he failed the external assessment.

NCEA is criticised for the potential for massaging internal assessment results to make schools look good but this wasn’t the case in either of these examples.

Even allowing for a large degree of subjectivity in assessing creative endeavours this sort of discrepancy in the view of teachers and external assessors  is ridiculous.

There is something wrong with a system which has such inconsistent results between internal and external assessments.

2 Responses to NCEA inconsitencies

  1. Andrei says:

    My boy Nik was in the same boat.

    In fact his art teacher warned that the external assessors might not understand his work.

    As I understand it the students are supposed to model their years work on an “established” artist, which offended Nik and his sense of creativity.

    Anyway I can report he achieved his achieved in art ie passed, just.

    What this means in the scheme of the real world is?


  2. Stef says:

    Same thing happened under the ‘old’ system. My music teacher used to get so annoyed that students who routinely scored in the upper 90s for school C (non-scaled) would then be lucky to get 60 in bursary And given that getting into university courses was based on cumulative scores had trouble convincing students to take the course knowing what would happen to their overall grade.


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