A Town Like Alice

Nevil Shute would have been 111 today.

The first of his books I read was Requiem For A Wren. It made such an impact I sought out his other novels and read several other before I came across his best known novel, A Town Like Alice.

This is from an ABC mini-series.

3 Responses to A Town Like Alice

  1. pdm says:

    As I recall I was still at primary school (Standard 6 I think) and as I recall it made quite an impression. A bit later I was given On the Beach either for Chrismas or my Birthday – still have it I think.


  2. pdm says:

    Hell that is a balls up – what I meant was I was still at Primary School when I read A Town Like Alice. It was also a weekly serial on the radio which is probably what attracted me to the book.


  3. Nevil Shute is great–his benevolent entrepreneurial spirit is unusual enough in modern literature. ‘No Highway’ ia my personal favourite.

    And his story about capitalism versus socialism in airship design told in ‘Slide Rule’ is highly effective.


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