On-line reselling has dangers for buyers and producers

The Food Safety Authority is invetigating claims that Chinese people are buying large amounts of New Zealand infant  milk powder here to sell on-line in their home country.

It’s understandable that parents in China don’t trust their own milk powder in the wake of the Sanlu melamine poisoning, but buying on-line has risks too.

Producers are concerned that their product may be sold in a damaged state which may compromise the safety of the product and reflect badly on them.

Another concern is that the contents of the tins may not even be New Zealand milk powder.

Immense damage could be done to New Zealand’s reputation for safe food products if their were problems with the standard of something purporting to be our produce.

It is difficult to police internet sales and the buyer should always beware. But there is little a company can do to stop people buying their produce and selling it on-line in other countries, or using their containers to sell an inferior substitute.

One Response to On-line reselling has dangers for buyers and producers

  1. gravedodger says:

    Big potential minefield here. Unscrupulous trader bulks powder up with god knows what and sells in “plain brown wrapping”. (That packaging description has memories for anyone growing up in CHCH when George Beatle sold adult personal supplies by mailorder).
    Fonterra and other N Z Companies will have propriety trademark protection in law but it will still be attractive as an opportunity for those who do not have any regard for the legal niceties of trade and wish to cash in on the damaged image of chicom babyfood after the Sanlu debacle.

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