NZ & Fiji mending fences

New Zealand and Fiji have agreed to improve diplomatic relations.

A media release says:

Foreign Minister Murray McCully met his Fijian counterpart, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, in Nadi on Friday and Saturday.

A number of issues of bilateral interest to both countries were discussed in a positive and constructive atmosphere. The face-to-face meeting followed ongoing communications between the two Ministers over recent months.

The Governments have agreed to an additional Counsellor position being established for Fiji in Wellington, and for New Zealand in Suva, with approval in principle for Deputy Head of Mission appointments in each capital to follow soon.

The two Foreign Ministers agreed to keep in close contact and to meet as necessary in future.

The tone is cautious but any warming has to be an improvement on the icy relationship which has been operating for the past few months.

Fiji has big problems. As one of their closest neighbours we have a responsiblity to help if we can and it’s diffcult to do that if we’re not talking to each other.

2 Responses to NZ & Fiji mending fences

  1. JC says:

    This has not been our finest hour with NZ closely following the Australian mode of scolding and sanctions.

    Fiji’s setup is racist and its landuse arrangements a drag on it’s economy. The chances of improvement were at least as good under the Banana man as sticking with the Great Council of Chiefs, and our obduracy has not advanced the people of Fiji one bit.



  2. Croz Walsh says:

    Thanks, Ele. Have just come across your blogsite and will certainly visit it again. I agree with your comments and JC’s on Murray McCully’s Fiji initiative.

    For a reasonably balanced by bmildly pro-Bainimarama perspective, with lots of what’s happening every day in Fiji, I invite you and your readers to visit my blogsite Fiji As It Was, Is and Can Be.


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