Where have all the people gone?

Wanaka’s permanent population is about 5,000 but it usually builds up to about 20,000 over New Year.

Locals and regular visitors know to stock up on supplies before then to avoid queues in the supermarket which can stretch the length of the aisles.

This summer I’ve never seen more than four or five people in a queue. The introduction of 6 self-checkouts will have helped but the rest of the supermarket hasn’t been as crowded as in past years either.

On New Year’s Eve we wandered into town at about 10.30 expecting to find the normal hordes and found a fraction of the number we’d seen in previous years.

There are still plenty of visitors but shops and businesses report they’re not here in the numbers they’ve come to expect at what is normally the peak holiday period.

Does that mean people have gone somewhere else, or is it a sign of recession and they’re staying at home?

3 Responses to Where have all the people gone?

  1. medusa says:

    I think they’ve all come to Nelson! I don’t remember ever seeing so many as I have this year.


  2. rayinnz says:

    The weather piss poor (windy) last year at Wanaka according to my sources
    Maybe they have gone else where or stayed at home because of financial concerns


  3. kismet says:

    Wasn’t it that the Christchurch cardealers all moved out of Queenstown into Wanaka when Queenstown got too pricey a decade or two back? Maybe this year (given the downturn in the car market) they’ve gone to… Twizel? 😉


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