Waitrose won’t buy factory farm butter?

UK supermarket chain Waitrose says it won’t buy factory farm butter from NZ.

At least that’s what the headline says but if you read futher you find out:

The company’s Communications Manager (Agriculture), Amy Hayward-Paine, told KIN the supermarket chain would not buy produce from dairy factory farms. . .

She says: “I can assure you that, in line with our policies, Waitrose would not source own-label dairy products from farmers in New Zealand that did not allow their cows to roam freely outside, or to have the best welfare standards.”

Note the or to have the best welfare standards.

The comapny’s concern is animal welfare not whether or not the cows are free range.

Given that most UK cows spend at least some of their time indoors, and many are housed most of the time, it would be difficult for the company to turn down the butter because it came from cows which were kept inside in New Zealand.

 Whether the cows are free range or housed, farms in New Zealand have to maintain high standards of animal welfare.  Waitrose will have no grounds for turning down butter just because the cows which produced the milk from which it was made spent most of their time inside rather than grazing paddocks as most of our cattle do.

One Response to Waitrose won’t buy factory farm butter?

  1. Andrei says:

    Of course people who have supposed “moral objections” to the way food is produced are those who can afford to do so.

    All they achieve with their do-goodery is to deny the poor access to the things they enjoy.

    Just check out the difference in price between free range eggs and your super-markets own brand of eggs.

    The price is doubled.

    Now that might seem nothing to you but for someone living on diddly its not.

    And of course on a global scale its huge.

    You have no idea how much I would love to make the food police eat nothing for a week until they were starving and then give them four dollars or so to feed themselves, repeating the exercise until the penny finally drops.


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