Blue Moon

Some media reported that we had a blue moon – a second blue moon in a calendar month – in December.

 But the ODT contacted Dunedin Astronomical Society president Peter Jaquiery who said while that was the case in some parts of the world it wasn’t in New Zealand.

“There is a trap,” Mr Jaquiery said.

Astronomers work in Greenwich Mean Time.

But the different time zones for New Zealand meant by the time the full moon occurred, New Zealand would have slipped into a new day, and in this case, a new month and a new year.

That means we’ll get a blue moon at the end of this month and this morning, the first moon of the month was almost pink.

3 Responses to Blue Moon

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    HP: To illustrate this musically, you might like to post either the fabulous Nanci Griffith or the equally talented Mary Black, singing Patrick Alger’s Once in A very Blue Moon. Both are on Ewe Tube.


  2. pdm says:

    If that photo was taken in the morning bad weather must be coming. Remember the shepherds mantra:

    Red sky at night – shepherds delight.
    Red sky in the morning – shepherds warning.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Paul, will keep this in mind.

    PDM – such predictions eventually come true. The clouds went yesterday morning and we enjoyed clear sky, sun and high temperatures all day – 28 degrees by late afternoon.

    But sometime through the night westerly rain started which gave us a wet morning though it’s clearing now, the temperature’s climbing and the sun’s trying to shine.


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