In training

Mount Roy stands guard over Lake Wanaka.

It’s  1,578 metres high and those who climb it are rewarded with panoramic views across the lake and up the Matukituki Valley to Mount Aspiring.

My first ascent of Mount Roy was with my best friend and her family when we were about 10.

A hundred or so metres short of the summit we were ready to give up but her father fed us chocolate and talked us to the top.

I’ve walked up several times since then, the last time was New Year’s Eve, 1999. I’ve contemplated climbing it again since then but never got further than good intentions.

However, those good intentions will translate into action soon because the friend with whom I first climbed the hill and I are planning to tackle it again this summer.

I’m taking my training reasonably seriously. It includes a walk up Mount Iron every morning and some days it feels harder than others.

That encourages me to keep training because it’s just 240 metres high and takes me about 30 minutes from the car park to the top. Last time I tackled Mount Roy it took about 3 1/4 hours and as I gaze across to it from Mt Iron I get the feeling it will have got stepper and higher since then.

7 Responses to In training

  1. pdm says:

    Have you thought about a `bloggers climb’ of Mt Roy HP.

    `The Ascent Of the Bloggers’ you could call it

  2. homepaddock says:

    PDM – If that means I’d just have to blog about it and not actually climb it, I’d be tempted but that would be letting my friend down.

    If it means taking the laptop and blogging en route, that would show a very unhealthy relationship with my computer and I definitely don’t want to go there.

  3. pdm says:

    I was thinking more of INV2, PMofNZ, DPF, Adolf, Gravedigger, PaulT and a few of your other regulars going along with you – your choice of course.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to make it this Jannuary.

  4. homepaddock says:

    Ah – like bloggers’ drinks with less alcohol and more sweat.

    I don’t think any of them are near near Wanaka. Maybe they could tackle a hill where they are and report on it instead.

  5. gravedodger says:

    Many many thanks pdm for such a kind thought and I am sure you are as gutted as I at being in the wrong place at the right time or in my case that would be the right place.
    I am feeling virtuous however as I traversed Hastings without Oxygen this morning from Stortford L odge to the eastern part of the CBD and back while Dave did a WOF for SIL’s ute, carrying a new battery pack (I drive a Landrover Discovery) on the return journey. For gods sake don’t anyone tell murrayg1 about the disco.

  6. pdm says:

    Are you in Hastings to visit gd or is it your home. While I am in London at present I am normally just off Grove Road.

    The first house we ever owned was in Stortford Street in 1970 – 1974.

  7. gravedodger says:

    pdm, daughter 2 lives at Maungatahi on the Kereru Rd with her husband of 20 years and works in Hastings. We are regular visitors to this wonderful productive region and its so normal people that are so often victims of undeserved negative publicity from nutters like molenar et el. When we retired from farming (some 40 years) we scurried back to red and black land but we envy H B for their passion and support of their province. Reference the comparative crowd support of their NPC team to the pathetic efforts of Canterbury.

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