Summer solstice

Today’s the summer solstice which gives us our longest day and shortest night.

In Dunedin the sun will be here for a second longer than it was yesterday and 4 seconds longer than it will be up tomorrow.

In Auckland the sun would have risen at 5.58 and it will set at 8.40. 

In Invercargill it rose at 5.50 and will set at 9.40. (If everyone lived down there we wouldn’t need daylight saving).

If memories from school geography serve me correctly the earth heats and cools faster than the sea. That explains why it’s usually warmer after the longest day and why it’s hotter in Central Otago than on the coast.

The sun’s shining as I type – for the third day in a row – but it’s only 10 degrees so there’s a lot of warming to do before we have summer weather.

One Response to Summer solstice

  1. pdm says:

    The other end of the scale here in London HP with the shortest day. Snow this afternoon at about 4pm and a good drop it was too. The second decent fall in our part of the city since last Wednesday.

    The temperature wasn’t too bad though as I walked the 500 odd metres from the station about 10 minutes before it started. Not looking forward to first thing tomorrow though – might have to take the day off work.


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