Green beats brown

The ability of Israelis to irrigate and then cultivate the desert is often lauded.

Opinions on irrigation here are not always so positive even though the world’s population is outgrowing feed supplies.

There are environmental benefits from irrigation including less soil erosion and it can enhance the view.

Compare this:

with this which has an irrigated paddock in the background:

and this irrigated paddock of wheat:

The irrigated paddocks are obviously more productive than the dry land and, in my eyes the green is far more attractive than the brown.

The photos were all taken on the outskirts of Omarama. It’s land and landscapes like this which are the subject of resource consent applications for large scale dairying in the Mackenzie Basin.

I am supportive of the applications to irrigate this sort of country. But growing crops like wheat have much less an impact on soils and water than dairying would.

2 Responses to Green beats brown

  1. I support the irrigation of this country too – as long as enough of the Mackenzie Basin is protected to keep looking like the tussock-blown brown country that is and always should be the Mackenzie Country

  2. murrayg1 says:

    Before touting the Israeli approach, read up on the demise of the Sumerians.

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