What’s not going on in the blogosphere?

December 13, 2009

Monkey with Typewriter has disappeared.

The Tumeke! blogosphere rankings haven’t been updated since October. That’s an observation, not a complaint. Tim Selwyn must have put hundreds of hours into compiling the stats and if he chooses to stop doing so that’s entirely up to him.

And today Kiwiblog has only one post – the general debate. That’s also an observation not a complaint. If the country’s most prolific blogger wants a day off he’s entitled to have it, but it’s most unusual for David to disappear without telling the world. 

What’s going – or in this case – not going on in the blogosphere and why?


December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Dick Van Dyke.

I think I was only just at school when Mary Poppins was released.

A trip to Oamaru’s Majestic Theatre was a major event which happened just a few times a year.

The theatre was presided over by Mr Horsburgh who always wore a dinner suit and black bow tie.

Films were preceded by the National Anthem (which in those days was God Save the Queen)  and shorts. There was always an intermission when we were allowed an ice cream – pre-scooped and sold by staff who carried them round the theatre.

Carlos Montoya

December 13, 2009

Carlos Montoya would have been 106 today.

This is for guitar fans.

Unnatural beauty

December 13, 2009

One of my favourite drives is the one through the Lindis Pass between Omarama and Tarras.

It’s particularly picturesque at this time of year when the lupins are in flower.

They’re not natives which means some people might regard them as unnatural, but natural or not they’re beautiful.

Listen to the Music

December 13, 2009

Happy birthday Jeff Baxter.

(Should he not have been in the Doobie Brothers at this stage, feel free to tell me).

I first heard this in a Dunedin pub when I was a student.

Where’s summer?

December 13, 2009

The wind at the top of Mount Iron this morning was coming straight from the south pole.

The mountains at the head of Lake Wanaka were covered in cloud and there’s fresh snow on the top of Mount Roy.

It may be the summer solstice next week but it isn’t summer yet.

Airport lounge for all flyers

December 13, 2009

Wellington Airport is opening a lounge which will be available to any airline customers or airport visitors who care to pay for it.

Airline lounges are usually restricted to members on out-going flights. Wild at Heart won’t have any restrictions – except the ability to pay.

An introductory offer of $19 and usual price of $25 sounds reasonable for medium to longer waits when it gives you access to refreshments, newspapers, magazines, Wi-Fi and office facilities, SKY TV and bathroom/shower facilities.

It will be interesting to see if this results in a relaxation on entry to the Koru Lounge.

The rules give access to members on outgoing flights, although the staff  seem to take a flexible approach. I’ve called in to Wellington’s after getting off  a plane and been allowed in when I’ve explained I’ve got an hour’s wait to meet someone arriving on another flight.

However, someone coming to meet a flight which has been delayed probably wouldn’t get access nor would anyone flying on any airlines except Air New Zealand.

Lounge access may be a consideration when choosing which flight to book if you’re going to have more than a short wait at the airport. The money saved by taking a cheaper flight would almost always more than cover the cost of entry to the new lounge.

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